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Postview is a free (MIT-licensed) blogware. It is written in Ruby using Sinatra DSL and renders files written in Markdown. With it, you just write your texts and preview. Using this application you have several advantages:

Plain Text Use only plain text files

For publish your posts just use plain text files instead database tables for handler your texts. Unlike other blog applications, it uses conventional file name for extract post attributes.

Text Editor No more forms for editing your texts

Instead use any form, you can use your favorite editor for create your articles.

Embed Ruby - ERB Templates Theme suport

All template files and layout, uses ERB source code.


Install gem package using host RubyForge.org.

gem install postview

Or install using GemCutter host installing the package.

gem install gemcutter

After installation, is needed enable host server.

gem tumble

Now, you can install from GemCutter.org

gem install postview

Project hosted by Github Ruby programming language Rack Sinatra DSL

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Get from the official repository hosted by GitHub.com.

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